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Heidi Herman

About the book Yule Lads Legend

A new spin on an old Icelandic Christmas legend. After accidentally being seen by a human, an Icelandic Yule Lad Troll named Stekkjastaur finds he must rely on a young shepherd boy to keep his troll identity a secret. Stekkjastaur gives a gift just to ensure the child's silence, but the little boy's happiness makes Stekkjastaur happy as well. He learns that one of the greatest gifts you can receive is the joy in giving to someone else. One by one, the Yule Lads each take a break from his own mischief, and each one learns the happiness gained from gift-giving. Even from a source as unlikely as a troll, a selfish act wrapped up in the Christmas spirit can grow into something wonderful.

This special edition has been digitally autographed by the Author and Illustrator.

Let's meet Heidi, author of Yule Lads

The daughter of an Icelandic immigrant, Heidi Herman enjoys modernising Icelandic folklore and adding a bit of Scandinavian flavour to each of her books. 

What is your favourite Icelandic Phrase?

"þetta reddast (pronounced thet-ta red-ust)... a very Scandivaian and Icelandic philosophy. it means everything will be okay, it will all work out!" 

What are your favourite places in Iceland?

"There's a pool in Brimketill that is rumoured to be where the Troll Oddný used to bathe. She uses that little pool as a bathtub but also to wash her clothes.  

Drangey is a little island in the middle of the fjord.... there're lots of stories about troll history, which is fabulous!"

Brimketill poolDrangey Island

What are your favourite spots to eat in Iceland?

"I love breakfast pastry and desserts, one of my favourite spots is Mosfellsbakarí. I also like the food and atmosphere of Messinn in Reykjavik, and Hraunsnef Country Hotel is beautiful, the food and accommodations is excellent."

How has the pandemic affected you?

"The covid pandemic has definitely impacted me as it has everyone... I haven’t been able to attend any of the Scandinavian festivals because they have been cancelled... I usually go there to share stories about Iceland and my heritage and connect with other Icelanders in the US."

Why partner with Lost Llama?

"I partnered with Lost Llama to help educate and share stories about Iceland. I love being able to reach a new audience and to share this fantastic heritage! I definitely am very pleased and honoured to be included in a part of this."

Heidi Herman Yule Lads Legend Iceland

Let's meet Jessica, illustrator of the book

The illustrator and designer, Jessica Krumlauf enjoys life in the Pacific Northwest. She studied at the Fine Art Institute of Portland, and in addition to being a talented artist, she is an accomplished graphic designer and instructor.

yule lads trolls iceland