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Marteinn & CityWalk

Marteinn Briem CityWalk Reykjavik Iceland
Meet Marteinn, your local guide in Reykjavík
Marteinn was born and raised in Reykjavík. He founded CityWalk in 2014 and has been guiding visitors around Reykjavík ever since. His team specialises in "Free" walking tours. Today they're Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor!
CityWalk team Reykjavik
What are your favourite places in Iceland?
"The Westman Islands, it's fairly remote. Back in the 70s, a volcanic eruption occurred and everyone had to be evacuated, and that reflects the history and mood of the place.
Another place is  Siglufjörður, it used to be a significant herring fishing town... generations before me, many would have worked at least one summer there."
Siglufjörður Iceland
What are your favourite foods and restaurants?
"We have very good fish and lamb here in Iceland...  In Reykjavik, Snaps is a favourite, you can't reserve there, you just have to wait in the cocktail lounge until it's your turn. The Starters Bar is fantastic as well. Also you must try the famous hotdogs from Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur."
Famous hotdogs Reykjavik
How has the Covid pandemic affected you?
"Iceland is following a similar policy to New Zealand, closing itself from the world and keeping tabs on new cases through a massive tracking team and an app... Obviously, that results in no tourists at all.
CityWalk has been closed since in March, apart from 8 weeks this summer when we opened our borders briefly. My life has taken a U-turn, taking me back to Uni this winter but I hope I can resume tours next summer together with my colleagues..."
What's the most interesting thing about CityWalk?
"That has got to be the amount of great reviews received in such a short time and the fact that we can make a living with "free" tours in a very expensive country 😁"
Why partner with Lost Llama?
"I like the idea. Lost Llama is a fresh enthusiastic startup. The ambition from Holly and Laura deserves credit and I'm glad to see it prosper with what i can bring to the table. I hope this evolves into a sizeable company... For CityWalk, I see the chance of broader exposure to possible new clients in the future."