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Omnom Chocolate

Omnom Chocolate Reykjavik Founders
Meet Kjartan and Óskar, founders of Omnom Chocolate in Reykjavík
Created in 2013 by the passionate chef Kjartan Gíslason and entrepreneur Óskar Þórðarson. Omnom is the premium Icelandic "Bean-to-bar" chocolate with a creative twist!
What are your favourite places to visit in Iceland?
"I’m (Kjartan) from Vestmannaeyjar or the Westman Islands… it's the most beautiful place in Iceland, with very diverse landscape and two volcanos and sea life.
Óskar is from the West Fjords, an amazing place to visit, in winter it can get very isolated there, but it's a part of Iceland very often overlooked by tourists and has many hot water springs, waterfalls and mountains to explore. We both enjoy cycling and golfing."
What are your favourite restaurants in Iceland?
“...during the summer there is a great family owned restaurant in my hometown, Vestmannaeyjar, called Slippurinn that is worth the journey alone. Head Chef Gísli is a friend of mine and he sources ingredients from the islands. Dill here in Reykjavík, is Iceland's only Michelin star restaurant and where I started experimenting with chocolate and you could say some part of Omnom started in the prep kitchen there."
How has the pandemic affected you?
" forced us to lay off some of our employees during the height of the first wave in May... During the summer a series by Zac Efron called “Down to Earth” came out on Netflix... Zac had visit us in late 2018 and was very interested in our chocolate making... We had kind of written off that it would ever come to light, but it premiered in mid-July this year and almost overnight our sales spiked in the US and around the world. We were overwhelmed with the reaction and feel very fortunate and grateful... We managed to rehire all the staff that we had laid off and even hired more... So it has been very emotional for us, the ups and downs and we hope we can build on this and for the future."
Omnom chocolate Zac Efron Down to Earth Netflix
What's the most interesting thing about Omnom?
"It's a blessing and a curse to start a company in Iceland. A blessing that it helps a lot in terms of marketing, and a curse that we have such high import taxes and other fees...  It's amazing that we are still in operation after all that we have gone through. But we strive to create a unique experience in chocolate with innovative design and good quality sourced ingredient."