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Urta Islandica Family

Let's meet Kolbeinn, one of the sons of the Urta family to tell the story...

"Urta Islandica specialises in making quality food items from wild Icelandic herbs and berries, we started in 2010 in the basement of my parents home. I got involved like all the other family members when my mother dragged us all into the company 😄"

What are your favourite local restaurants?

"Sæta svínið Gastropub and Kol Restaurant in Reykjavík are my personal favourites"

Where are your favourite places in Iceland?

"Vestmaneyjar for the nice people and scenery, and Drangsnes, a small town in the Westfjords where my family originates from"

How has the Covid Pandemic affected Urta?

"The family business has taken a very hard financial hit during these times, but we are opening up new ideas to overcome these difficulties"

Why have you partnered with Lost Llama?

"Lost Llama is a fun way for people from all around the world to reach small places like Iceland even when our country is closed to visitor."